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Digital notes stuck to

physical places in seconds

"This tape is a game-changer for communication ... as versatile as Duct Tape"
Dennis Harper. (Owner, Harper Electrics)

What it is

The same concept as a sticky note or writing on a wall. But instead, BitRip 'scannable tape' allows you to add unlimited photos, PDF documents, texting & links, and even voice messages to a ripped piece of Digital Tape. Just scan the tape with your phone, and it's all right there. 

And instead of being confined to that wall or sticky note, you can share and access all that information across a LIVE network, so it's always available, all on your phone. You rip and stick ten pieces, and you're now ten places at once. It's a simple concept, now think of the ways you could use this.

We've been tried and tested on construction sites, warehouses, military field ops and more.

One tape, 250 labels, free app. No subscriptions, no contracts, learn to use in minutes. Try just ONE roll, and you'll never want to go back to scrawling on paper notes again. Watch the video to see BitRip in action...

All across the country people are discovering new ways to save time and money with BitRip


"This stuff turned into our digital punchlists.  My guys don't need any special training or equipment, just their phones.  I could track everything on a map. It saved me $1000s on expensive software!"

worksite management

"This worked perfectly as a digital sign-in roster.  My crew use their phone to scan a piece of tape at the worksite entrance.  It automatically leaves their ID, time and geo-location stamp in the app, all in real time!  At the end of the week I can download the log for my records. The best bit is that one role lasts more than a year!"

asset tracking

"I use BitRip to track our equipment across worksites.  Kind of like a barcode system, but hugely simplified and no need to buy scanners or label printers, just the tape. I can access all the info I need right from my phone. We keep all our documentation on it too."



"This tape was a no-brainer for safety inspections ... cut hours off each walkthrough.  When I spot something wrong I mark it with tape and leave instructions for our technicians.  The team is already fixing issues before I'm done with the inspection!"



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