stick. scan. connect

Attach Live Data to Physical Stuff in Seconds

BitRip is next generation QR code

digitized sticky note built for fluid communication in built environments.

Attach BitRip to walls, wires, pipes, materials, hardhats, equipment, and more.

Scan and upload data on the spot; photos, text, voice, docs, video links, etc.


Stored in the cloud, remotely accessible, and linked to the unique BitRip sticker - just a scan away.  

It even tracks GPS location data thru each smartphone scan. 


The Lean Construction Tool to Eliminate Waste in


  •  Pre-fab Material Dropoffs

  •  Tool & Equipment Accountability

  •  Installation & Maintenance Turnover

  •  Jobsite Safety Documentation

  •  Punch List Communication  

No Setup.

No Printing.

No Costly Training.

Just Tape and a Free App.


Click Here to see BitRip vs. QR Code Overview ...

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"A 30-second process eliminated phone calls, searching, and replacing materials. At the TESLA laydown yard, we saved $500,000 worth of materials just by tagging their GPS location with these stickers"

 - Tom Ferguson, Project Manager, Alterman Electric

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"I cannot overstate the potential logistical applications of this product. Like most innovative ideas, the genius of it is in its simplicity. If you are in charge of tracking literally anything, do yourself a favor and check it out"

  - Jarod Fornes, Safety Coordinator, Clancy and Theys Construction

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"Each sticker functions as a QR Code, but behind each code is an open storage container for any uploads, like Dropbox for the physical world - no end to how many ways this tool could get used on a job site"


- Jonathan Jacobs, MEP Specialist, Ram Tool Construction Supply

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Stick & Scan a BitRip Label Attached to an Asset

BitRip Hack of the Week: Copy & Paste

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