"A $40 roll of BitRip Tape turned manual inventory tracking from 8 weeks to a matter of seconds ... a gamechanger for tracking anything physical ... materials, equipment, punchlists, safety data sheets ...
versatile and exceptionally simple to use"  

Hundreds of Digital Sticky Notes  
Unlimited Storage | GPS Tracking | Data Collection
Spread across a Network of Unlimited Users


Founder - Nicholas Dimitruk

USMC veteran

What is BitRip?
An adhesive tape with a unique pattern that allows you to:
  • Save digital content such as photos, audio, PDFs, and text messages on tape stuck to physical things
  • Access, organize and share that saved info from your phone
A digital sticky note that let's you keep your information exactly where you need it
What makes BitRip valuable?
  • Easy to learn: Ready to go in seconds - no setup required
  • Easy to add content: A voice memo or photo says a lot more than a scribble on a sticky note
  • Easy to find: Shows GPS location of each piece of tape on an interactive map
  • Easy to access: Hover your phone over the tape and see content immediately
  • ​Good value for money: A single roll costs less than a tank of gas and includes​ 300 different labels each of which can hold any amount of content
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What are the other benefits?
  • Find what you need quickly: Library search & tags helps you to organize and retrieve info
  • English <> Spanish rapid translate: allows you to break down language barriers
  • Unlimited user base: great for team collaboration
  • Works in night/lowlight
  • Easy access to backend data logs for analysis and process improvement
Who is this for?
Just about anyone. Used to track punchlists in construction, pin facilities & maintenance documentation to fixed assets, track tools, equipment, & materials on the job site, or pinning safety and qualification information to hardhats. This is barcoding built for the everyday user.
How is it different from a barcode?
  • Ruggedness: BitRip can sustain up to 95% damage and still function (vs. 30% for QR Barcodes)
  • Versatility: The nature of tape lets you wrap it around wires, pipes, and any non-flat surface
How does BitRip save you $$$?
  • Fewer mistakes and less rework - BitRip helps you communicate with your team more effectively
  • No more back and forth travel: Once BitRip is stuck somewhere, you can access it and monitor progress from one place
  • No more expensive software subscriptions: Our app is FREE! Only pay for tape.
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