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identify | track | trace
Assets, Materials, EQUIPMENT

How do you do it?

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Pen & Paper

Old School is always tempting, but Delays and Mistakes mean Late Nights and Lost Money
Software Contracts

Big Investments are always a Leap of Faith and Require Significant Training to See Benefits
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"Get all that Digital Tracking and Live Visibility with a Roll of Tape and a Free Smartphone App"
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how it works 

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"These stickers can be set up in seconds, and become a streaming logbook of location data, status updates, prefab instructions, material condition photos, and anything else you could think to upload ...


This high-quality information, all at your fingertips, with one simple scan ...


A huge timesaver for material tracking ..."

                                                                                                             Alterman Electric

feature overview


Create a dynamic label in seconds, no printer necessary. 

Designed for maximum efficiency, BitRip even lets you paste existing templates onto new labels with one tap of a button.


A single label is a live stream of unlimited attachments.

With built-in features such as tags, notifications, calendar integration, GPS tracking, and English - Spanish text translation, one label becomes a powerful communications platform.


Switch over to logbook, and see a behind-the-scenes look at label activity.

A running history of every scan, user, location, time/date, and critical actions; all of which can be exported to a CSV file at any time.


Even our smallest roll holds a hundred labels, all neatly organized in a digital library.

Need to find a specific label quickly? Just type in the attributes using our search tool, and find all labels that meet that criteria in an instant.


RFID can set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in set-up and equipment fees.


BitRip is a low-cost alternative that uses simple GPS data, pulled from a smartphone, to let you keep track of last known asset locations on a map.


Teamwork, along with seamless and secure communication, is vital in any industry.

With that in mind, our Projects feature groups labels and people together, so info can be shared rapidly across a network. On top of this, it enables private labels, so only the right people can scan and access information. 

"I'm always resistant to adopting new software. It overcomplicates, underdelivers, and ends up being more a headache than a solution.


But when someone placed this roll in front of me, it was fundamentally different. Simple, incredibly easy to use, no crazy contracts, and it did exactly what I needed it to do.


A brilliantly basic tool to get everyone working on the same page."     



J Jacobs, MEP Specialist


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A game-changer

"The ability to mark exact GPS locations and add photos has been a game-changer for us while building the new Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas" - T. Ferguson

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"Directly link user manuals, voice commands, and informational videos to BitRip tape applied to an asset ... creating a more approachable and inclusive asset management structure."     



A Cisler, R&D Manager, GLY Construction



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BitRip is an award-winning, patented technology out of MIT, and has undergone various field tests in construction, audio-visual asset tracking, supply chain and logistics, and field safety.