Rip. Stick. Scan. Share.


Attach a digital network to the physical world through tape

A simple, on-the-fly tool to spread and share information across time and space efficiently and reliably

About The Product

BitRip is tape that imbeds digital information, allowing you to rapidly connect live communication flow to precise locations. It’s a chat thread that takes on a physical dimension. As simple as that sounds, it took a lot of brainpower from folks out of MIT. The tape uses a patented, continuously unique pattern. Anywhere you rip, the pattern is one-of-a-kind. With that basic principle in mind, we’ve created the world’s first 2D barcode that can rip to variable sizes in real-time.

Voice, text, images, PDF and hyperlinks attached within seconds. We provide the capability, you decide the use case.

How It Works

It’s as simple as texting, with one added step – tying that information to a piece of tape stuck to a precise location. It allows a single user to maxmize their digital footprint, and be multiple places at once.

Grab a roll,

Rip a piece,

Stick it,

Scan and upload,

Add any content, any time,

Supervise anywhere.

Our vision is to put cutting edge, digital technology in anyone’s toolkit. And it must be low cost, easy to use, and as versatile as a multi-tool. If you overthink it, you overcomplicate it. Brilliance in the basics…” -Nick Dimitruk, Founder of BitRip

Try a roll and take information management to the next level. No subscription fees required.

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