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Revolutionize Your Asset Tracking with BitRip's Dynamic Barcodes

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Is this you? 


You need to track your assets (equipment, materials, tools, etc.)

Manual paperwork, phone calls,  and spreadsheets aren't cutting it.

You need a tool that can provide better real-time visibility 

But it shouldn't be complicated  

And it shouldn't be expensive.

What is BitRip?

An app that efficiently tracks any type of physical asset

Using our pre-printed, dynamic, rugged barcodes.


Each code stores any data and auto-tracks every scanned  location

Unlocking field-level visibility that takes minutes to learn and seconds to deploy.

Unlimited data. Unlimited users. And the mobile app is completely free.

How it works.


Scan a unique BR Code™ Label Attached to an Asset

Digtal Labels

What are you interested in BitRip for?

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"an absolute must for material dropoffs

 - T. Ferguson, Project Manager, Alterman Electric

"genius of it is the simplicity 

  - J. Fornes, Safety Coordinator, Clancy and Theys Construction

"versatile ... asset tracking designed for tough places 


- J. Jacobs, MEP Specialist, Ram Tool 

Trusted and used by ...

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BitRip® is the Companion App for BR Code™ Scannable Solutions by Duck Pro®. Click Here to Navigate to BR Code
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