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How it All Works

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What are BitRip® and BR Code™ Scannable Labels?

BR Code labels are powered by the BitRip® app and are a one-of-a-kind digital storage system that connects digital data to physical assets in seconds. Some popular uses include: keeping track of the GPS location of material shipments, quickly tagging equipment with maintenance data, tagging equipment with digital safety checklists. Need to update information? Information can be edited from anywhere, anytime using the BitRip app.

How do BR Code™ labels store data? 

BR Code labels contain pre-printed, scannable codes that work like barcodes. Scanning a unique code on the physical label automatically opens a “digital container” in the BitRip app that we call a Bit. Bits can store an unlimited amount of digital information. When someone else scans the Bit with the app, its unique code acts like a key to unlock the Bit, allowing the user to see the information tagged to that physical asset.

How much data can be stored on a single Bit?

There is no limit. All the information is stored in the cloud, so one Bit can store an unlimited amount of digital information.

Where is the data stored?

Information on the BitRip app is stored in the Google Cloud (FedRAMP Compliant).

What's the pricing structure look like?

Purchase BR Code™ labels from any of our retail partners.


The mobile app is free for iPhone and Android.


More advanced features beyond the mobile app are available with Desktop ProAfter 30 days of free trial, Desktop Pro is $90 per Desktop Pro user per month. If you cancel your subscription, all data is still available via the mobile app.

Does the BitRip app actively track a code's GPS location? 

No, the app uses passive tracking. This means the GPS location will be updated every time the Bit is scanned.

What happens when a BR Code™ label goes missing? Is the data on it lost?

No, the information is never lost since it is stored in the cloud. To replace a lost label, simply stick a replacement label on the physical object, scan it and connect it to the same Bit in seconds.

How does Desktop Pro differ from Mobile Apps?

Desktop Pro is a web-based platform built for project managers. It allows users to build organizations to share Bits rapidly and manage permission levels for each Bit. It also allows users to build custom inspection forms to make data entry easier for frontline workers.  Desktop Pro users can also export this inspection form data into CSV, making it very easy to prove inspections are happening at the right place and the right time. It also allows users to import data from CSV files to build large volumes of bits upfront, and then export this data later. Finally, it lets you see which bits have been scanned (or not scanned) within a given window of time.

Can I choose who can scan my Bits?

Yes. You can put your Bits in a project and make the project private. The Bits in private projects can only be accessed by project members.

Can I scan BR Code™ labels with my phone camera or do I need the BitRip app?

No. For an added layer of security and access control, you need the BitRip app to scan the BR Code™ labels. A regular phone camera will not pick up the proprietary code printed on that label.

Is this QR code? If not, what's the difference?

No, BR Code™ labels are not QR Codes. BR Code™ labels are completely fluid and flexible! You can easily assign digital assets, links, and more to any BR Code™ label at any time. They are preprinted on a roll and can be immediately deployed in the field. QR Codes, on the other hand, are assigned to a single web address, must be configured and printed before deploying in the field and are not as durable as BR Code™ labels.

What's the usual path forward to adopt this product?

Purchase BR Code™ labels here. 


Reach out to for a free 20-minute run-through.


Download the free BitRip® mobile app on iPhone or Android, and try out Desktop Pro for 30 days at no charge. This allows you to test out the full functionality without committing to anything. And we don't ask for your credit card - so no automatic charging if you forget to cancel. 

Can I get a report about all the Bits I use?

Yes, reporting capabilities are available on the BitRip Desktop Pro.

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