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Top Ten FAQ for our Free Barcode Scanning App and Pro Asset Management Software

Construction Site

1. Data Storage

What kind of information can I put on a BR Code™ label, and how much?

Photos, text, inspection forms, PDF documents, hyperlinks, audio messages, video links, etc. And since it's cloud based, there's no limit.

Constrcution Site

2. Privacy

Can anyone scan and see stuff on my labels?

Sure, if you want it that way. Or you can make the label private and select only the folks you want to have access


Construction Site

3. Lost Labels

What happens if a label falls off or gets damaged?

You stick a new label on the equipment, find the asset on your app, and re-link it with the scanner. In other words, your data is safe and you never have to reprint a new Barcode. 


Construction Site

4. Trying it Out

How much can I test out without giving a credit card?

Everything. Mobile app is always free. Try
Pro for 30 days without giving any payment details. Request a free sample label to scan here.

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5. BR Code™ vs. QR Code

This is just QR, right?

Sort of ... but on steroids. Not only do our BR Code labels track scan location and user activity, they 're also way easier to set up. Check out this 
video explaining the differences. 

Construction Site

6. Stickiness

How good is the adhesion on the labels?

Depends. Our most rugged version (
outdoor labels) are designed to be put on shipping containers. Our paper version (masking tape) is designed for easy removal. It's all up to you!

Construction Site

7. Safety

How do I make and attach a safety form to a label?

You can only attach safety forms on desktop pro, but mobile users can access them after that. To get a form, just send a pdf version to and it'll be in your library < 72hrs.

Construction Site

8. Offline

Does this work well offline?

Not quite, but we are improving rapidly. Offline works for read-only access to labels. Later this year, we will be incorporating the ability to write too. 

BitRip Barcode Scanning App being used on a Construction Site

9. Location Tracking

Do the labels actively track location? Like an Apple tag?

No. They passively track location. Only when a user scans the label does it update and record its new location.

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10. Catch All

I have more questions. Who do I contact? ... we'll get you those answers ASAP!

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