BitRip is a simple GPS tracking tool for assets, equipment, tools, and materials. However, it's cutting edge, 'never-seen-before' tech ... so there are a lot of questions. Here are the top 15!

Are there limits to how much data can be stored on a single label? (74 asks)

Short answer, no. BitRip tape acts merely as a unique identifier to unlock information stored in the cloud. This means there are no limits to how much data can be stored on a single label.


What part is free? What part costs money? (52 asks)

The iOS and Android apps are completely free (even the data storage is free for both apps). We charge for the tape, and when Desktop Pro is released in December, we will charge a monthly subscription fee for that service. Desktop Pro will be designed for high-volume, commercial users.


Will the codes on the tape ever stop being unique? In other words, will they duplicate? (51 Asks)

No. Every inch of every roll will be unique. There will be no duplications. We would have to sell 40 Billion rolls of tape before the code space runs out.


Does the tape actively track its GPS position? How does GPS location tracking work? (49 Asks)

BitRip codes require a scan to update their GPS position. If they don't get scanned, the GPS position will not update. However, since you can put a lot of valuable information on a label, the incentive to scan is natural. The accuracy is about 5 meters for outdoor use and good connection.


Is the tape pre-loaded with stuff? How do you know what you want on the tape beforehand? (19 Asks)

The tape is NOT preloaded. QR code is preloaded, but our tape is 100% fluid. Think of a piece of BitRip tape as a whiteboard with nothing on it. You can add anything to it, wipe it clean, add more, edit existing stuff. It can be whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it to be. So this means nothing has to be set up beforehand. You can rip, stick, scan and create on-the-go.


What's the minimum amount of tape required for it to scan properly? (52 Asks)

About an inch. If you look closely, you'll see a small break in between the codes (i.e., every 9 perpendicular lines). If you cut or carefully rip down this break, you'll get a complete code. We recommend using scissors if you intend on using the tape for single codes. See the Introduction Training Video for a visual of the minimum amount of tape required.


Can you export the data outside BitRip? (40 Asks)

Some of it - yes. You can export the scan logs into CSV. However, for iOS and Android, you cannot export a label and its content (i.e., photos, audio notes, text, PDFs). You will be able to export a label and its content when you upgrade to Desktop Pro (releasing End of Year)


Can you integrate with other software solutions like the one I'm using right now? (22 Asks)

We have the tools (called Software Developers Kits) to integrate with any other software solution. However, we would need to collaborate with that software company to make the full connection seamless. Bear in mind, you can easily put hyperlinks on tape - which essentially link to any other software, so there is a rudimentary integration already built in.


Where is the data stored? Can I store it elsewhere? (34 Asks)

The data is stored privately on Google Firebase. For now, you cannot store it anywhere else other than these servers. However, if you use the hyperlink feature on our tapes, you can maintain content storage on any servers you choose.


Can I prevent people from scanning my labels and accessing my data? (19 Asks)

Yes. Move the labels to a Project, make the project private, then add only members to that project who need access to that information. Anyone else who scans the tape (i.e., is not a member of that project) will be denied access.


Can you customize the tape? (19 Asks)

Yes. On orders of 50 rolls or more, we can customize the color of the tape and put your logo on it. Bear in mind, the colors you select have to have sufficient contrast to scan properly.


Do you do discounts for large orders? (49 Asks)

Yes. All tapes in the 25-75 volume range will be 10% off. All tapes beyond the 75 volume range will be 15% off. Contact for bulk order questions.


Do you have to scan the label in order to see its contents? What if you're not located near the label? (7 Asks)

No, scanning is not required. Once a label is made and it's in your digital library, you can access and edit it no matter where you are. And if you email or message the label to someone else, they can also see and edit it without having to scan the physical label.


How many users can I invite into my BitRip network of tape? Is this free? (19 Asks)

There are no limits to how many users you can invite into your network. We don't charge for users, so it's completely free to onboard people into your tape network.


What's the best way to contact you if I have any more questions?

Email is best - fastest response time. You can email or

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