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Ten Reasons
Why Our Asset Managment Software is Different

1. Update 100s of Assets in Seconds

Open our BitRip Pro asset management platform, select your assets, and update 100s of them in a matter of seconds. When any individual scans the BR Code™ labels with our BitRip Barcode Scanning App, they'll immediately see these updates. In other words, the SAME label, with new updates, and no need to reprint paperwork and manually travel out to jobsites to replace outdated material.


3. Paper Free = Cleaner Environment

An entire binder of paperwork stuffed in a compartment of some equipment or sitting on a cluttered desk in an office. That can't be the way you want to track and document assets. But a single, scannable label can replace an entire binder. On top of that, there's not limit to what you can put on one label - photos, documents, inspections, and more. There's a peace of mind knowing you are eliminating all that paper waste!

BitRip Barcode Scanning App Asset Library Photo

5. More Data is Always Better

When the BitRip Barcode Scanning App scans a BR Code™ Label, the app automatically records everything in a logbook history. Every scan, user, update, and location. You can access and download this data at any time using our Pro Asset Management Software. When you have a lot of expensive assets getting moved around all day, every day, it's nice to know that when issues arise, you can pop open the hood and see everything that's ever happened. You might never know when you need that data the most!


7. One Place to Manage it ALL.

Do you dream of opening a laptop each day, seeing one central dashboard that updates in real-time, and knowing everything about your assets without having to make phone calls to follow up? We are there to beat away that uncomfortable feeling each day that your assets are not properly used or taken care of, and the paperwork is woefully behind. We are there to make sure that managers and owners get the absolute most out of the things they own.

BitRip Pro Asset Management Software Dashboard Screenshot

9. Get Alerted Immediately

When a piece of equipment fails inspection, it could be weeks before you know. And, if an accident happens between then and now, your company gets exposed to lawsuits. Imagine getting alerted immediately when something doesn't pass. And, you know the 5 W's - Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This means you can take action and mitigate bad things before they snowball into something worse.

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2. Location Tracking

Each scan of a BR Code™ label automatically updates the asset location. You'll see all assets on an interactive map showing where they were last scanned. You can drill down on the map, use our filters, and get to asset information quickly. A simple solution to keep tabs on equipment in the field - something paperwork cannot do! 

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4. No Printing Barcodes.

No one likes to print. Whether it's 100s of documents or 1000s of barcode labels, it's inefficient, particularly because printing must happen in an office before attaching labels to assets in the field. BR Code™ Scannable Labels are pre-printed and can be assigned to any asset in the field. Instead of being tethered to the office printer, you can build instant connections in the field with a Stick, Scan, Connect™

Can of Labels.jpg

6. These Labels are Multi-use.

Our platform covers many aspects of asset management to include inventory, safety inspections, maintenance, record keeping, equipment location tracking, audits, and more. Take a label off a roll, put in on a hard hat, and upload certifications. With the same roll, stick a label to a forklift and attach a user manual. The same roll can track the location of material shipments as they get dropped off on the job site. And then you can attach a digital inspection form to ladders and extinguishers! In other words, when you buy a roll of our BR Codes™, you are buying a digital Swiss army knife for asset management.

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8. Always be Audit Ready.

There's nothing quite worse than chasing paperwork during a safety audit and hoping it's enough to pass. Imagine being audit ready 24/7. Every step of every inspection on every piece of equipment gets plugged into one central database, and one quick key stroke can download all that rich inspection data to a CSV report - the easiest handoff to a safety inspector you'll ever make. You can't put a price on the peace of mind knowing you're covered.


10. It's Plain Easy for Everyone.

When people think of asset management software, they think expensive, bloated, clunky, and not field friendly. BitRip was designed by a Marine who demanded something vastly different. Clunky systems that require excessive training inevitably don't get adopted properly by the field. As a result, the system collapses. But, if your team can be trained in a matter of minutes, and there is obvious value for them in the field, the system gets used and stays healthy. And you, the changemaker, get the accolades of implementing a game changing process to get the most out of your assets.  

BitRip Barcode Scanning App scanning a BR Code Scannable Label on a Ladder
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