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The Idea for a Lightweight Asset Management Software Designed for Rugged Environments 

BitRip Founder

The BitRip story Began in Afghanistan 2011.


As a Marine Pilot and Logistics Officer, I needed a simple way to keep track of aviation equipment and safety inspections.

 Clipboards and Spreadsheets weren't cutting it.

When I looked at asset management software solutions with barcodes, they were expensive, complicated, and clunky.

I wanted something simple.

A barcode scanning app that worked with a smartphone and needed zero extra equipment.

An asset management software that told me where my stuff was - not just on a spreadsheet, but on a LIVE interactive map.

Something I could train my Marines to do in minutes and not weeks.

Nothing was out there that matched this basic need.

10 Years later, we made BitRip.

The solution I wish had a decade ago.

Designed for rugged environments.

And built to get the most out of my assets in the field.



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