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QR Code Tracking on Steroids

Take QR Code Tracking to the Next Level with BitRip and our Revolutionary BR Code™ Tracking Labels

Why BitRip instead of Regular QR Code Tracking?

These are BitRip Codes - or as we call them - BR Code™ Scannable Labels. Here's what makes them so much better than regular QR Code Tracking.

PREPRINTED. Each roll contains 100 unique labels that are preprinted and ready-to-go. So, you're never having to waste time setting up and printing paper QR Codes

RUGGED. Build by Duck Pro®, these codes are built to last. So, you're never having to replace damaged or torn labels.

REUSABLE. These codes can be scanned, deleted, and reused. So, you're not having to reprint new codes and wasting paper.

A Roll of Rugged BR Code Barcode Labels
The BitRip App Scanning Over a QR Code Tracking Label

A Tracking App that makes it so easy!

BR Codes™ work with a Free BitRip Mobile App that makes tracking seamless. Here's what each code can do. 

STORE UNLIMITED DATA. Scan a code, upload photos, voice notes, documents, links, and more.

TRACK LOCATION. These codes automatically record GPS location whenever scanned, so they track the location of the asset they are attached to. 

SHARE & SECURE. You can make a code public, or you can secure it by making it private - so only particular users can scan it thru the app. All others get blocked from scanning it.

RECORD EVERYTHING. Each label records everything in the background - who scanned it, when, where, and what was done. A treasure trove of downloadable data.

Take Asset Management Software to the Next Level with Pro 

Sign up includes a FREE 30-day trial on Pro without having to enter any credit card information. Here's what you can do while taking advantage of that trial.

BUILD HUNDREDS OF LABELS IN A FLASH. Build 100s of digital labels FAST with our simple copy and paste tool. Then, at a later date, you can link these digital copies to physical labels with the mobile scanner.  

ADD INSPECTION FORMS. Need users to scan and fill out a digital form? You can attach forms like checklists, surveys, and more with Pro.

ADD INVENTORY COUNTERS. Want to use these labels for tracking inventory? Add a simple inventory counter to a label to record what goes in and out. 

LIVE TRACKING. Want to quickly see which labels have been scanned or not? Our LIVE map tracker can let you quickly see activity happening on each label.

The BitRip Pro Asset Management Software showing QR Codes Tracking on a Map

Are you Ready?
Let's Go.



Download our FREE App

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Get your Hands on some Scannable Labels by Duck Pro® 

Sample Pack available for just $12.50                             Roll of 100 Unique Asset Labels

Don't forget your Free Trial on Pro!

30 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


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A Roll of Rugged Barcode Labels
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