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App Pricing & Features

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Mobile Plan


  • Free app available on iPhone and Android

  • Unlimited Users, Bits and Data

  • Includes Scanner and Project Management Suite 

  • Build Unlimited Asset Bits prior to Purchasing Codes 

  • Codes must be Purchased Separately

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Desktop Pro Plan

$45 per Month per Desktop Pro User

  • 30-Day Free Trial 

  • All  mobile users in your network are FREE

  • Create a Company Organization to Easily Invite Users, Supervise their Activity, and Manage their Permissions.

  • Export BIT Data into Spreadsheets

  • Pre-Build 100's of Bits at once by Importing via  Spreadsheets 

  • Monitor scan activity of Bits on an Interactive Map 

  • Integrate your Bits with Smartsheet

  • Complimentary setup by our BitRip Team


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Recommended Next Steps: 

Take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

Use Desktop Pro features to rapidly build your Bits and set your team up. 

If you opt out of Desktop Pro, all of your Bit data is still available thru the Free Mobile Apps.

You've got nothing to lose!

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