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BitRip solves your MATERIAL TRACKING problem.

BitRip solves for missing drop-offs, damage claims, and costly replacements.

Check out our latest video demonstrating how BitRip can keep track of material drop-offs.

One quick scan in the field, and you'll never have to deal with angry phone calls asking - "Where is the material!?" or worse, - "I need a replacement ASAP!"

You'll also notice a glimpse of our brand-new feature for BitRip Desktop Pro - an Action View that lets you see and edit every bit in one place. This greatly reduces the amount of time and clicks needed to keep track of everything. More to come on this new feature shortly.

BitRip is always improving.

We were able to build this new feature because customers were generous with their time and let us know where we could improve. So please - if you have any more suggestions on feature improvements, don't hesitate to reach out to our product guru -

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