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Thousands of Rolls used across Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Maintenance, Hospitality, and more. Here's how real customers are using BitRip ... 

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Material Drop Off Accountability

STOP searching for materials in a laydown yard, calling back and forth, accepting the delays, or spending thousands replacing misplaced materials 

START tagging materials with BitRip to give them a GPS fix. When materials are needed, locate them on a map, ID them with a dropoff photo, update their status tag, grab and go.

Maintenance Records on Assets

STOP rifling through papers, searching through spreadsheets, and wondering what work has been done to which piece of equipment

START making tracking seamless - tag equipment with a label containing EVERYTHING about it - components, prior maintenance, current status, etc. All this information is tracked on a map and just a scan away.

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Safety Records on Hardhats

STOP wondering whether John Doe has the right quals or safety training, and risking lawsuits when they don't

START building a simple system to keep all that personal data behind a private label. Scan the hardhat, immediately see a roster proving John Doe completed his hazard analysis and is good to go!

Add Digital Media to Paperwork

STOP going through paperwork and figuring out why you approved an extra work authorization 3 months ago

START adding voice memos and photos it - providing the right context to each situation. Paperwork will never go away, but you can at least enhance it.  


Punch Lists

STOP walking through sites and figuring out which punch list item belongs where, then hastily typing up a report afterwards

START tagging each item with an easy-to-see tape. Instead of typing, try speaking. Now someone can walk into a room, see the tape, scan it, listen to the issue, and fix it. They can also upload updates to the tape when complete.

Training for Recruits

STOP interupting your busy work to tell recruits how to handle equipment or put it away properly when complete 

START tagging stuff with video links or digital checklists showing how its done.

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Tool Accountability

STOP manually inputting who takes a tool, where they are going, and when they'll be back

START automating all of that with a split second scan