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Paperless Safety

Inspections in the Field

Award Winning Safety App

Making Inspections Quick and Paperless

using Dynamic QR Codes

Designed for Rugged Environments  


Safety Inspection Automation

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Andres Construction track their assets with BitRip
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$12,000.That's how much it costs a single safety manager to chase lost or incomplete paperwork on construction sites each year.  

BitRip eliminates this waste. Plain and simple!

A free mobile app to make inspections digital, a desktop pro app to manage inspection data in real-time, and a revolutionary connection between the two ... BR Code™ Scannable Labels.

3 Steps to eliminate that waste.

The Result...

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Step 1: Build 
Using Desktop Pro*, build a list of assets (or Bits!) and attach inspections - fire extinguishers, forklifts, harnesses, ladders ...
*30 Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

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Step 2: Share 
Add a team of mobile users - the ones doing the inspections in the field. Every mobile user is free!

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Step 3: Tag
Tag any physical assets with any of our unique BR Code™ Labels, then link the labels to their digital inspections using the mobile scanner.


Start Inspecting
Mobile users can now scan any asset and fill out its inspection form digitally. No more paperwork!

Icon showing BitRip labels can track safety inspection locations

Start Tracking
Not only can a Desktop Pro user track real-time inspection completion, but they can also track the location of every inspection.

Icon showing BitRip is a Safety Management Platform

Be Ready ... Always!
When it's time for an audit, one keystroke exports all inspection data to a CSV spreadsheet. Never scavenge for paperwork again! 

"Like most truly innovative ideas, the genius of BitRip is in its simplicity ...
Jarrod Fornes, Safety Coordinator, Clancy and Theys Construction

"Has easily saved me 100+ hours in just 2 months ...
Donna Thompson, Safety Manager, Big State Electric

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One System to Inspect it ALL

Air Compressors
Audit Forms
Corrective Actions
Exhaust Fans
Eye Wash Stations
Fan Coils
First Aid Kits
Delivery Checklists
Fire Extinguishers
Hazard Analysis Forms
Material Checklists
QA Punch Lists
Spill Kits
Visual Equipment Inspections
Water Heaters
Web Slings
Wire Ropes


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