Materials dropped off on site? One quick application of yellow tape, and you can track who dropped off the material, when, and last known GPS location of these supplies. Better yet - have a complete logbook of the entire history of locations and users. Tracking high value equipment, tools, or vehicles? The same thing applies. Know where your stuff is at all times with a simple tape that includes 600 individual labels.


  • Now 600+ labels that fit in the palm of your hand
  • Completely FREE APP with acces to full iOS and Android features
  • Each label holds dozens of Photos, Audio Notes, PDFs, Text, Links
  • Unlimited Data Storage capacity
  • Unlimited Users
  • UV Coating on tape protects against any sun damage
  • Easy stick, easy remove adhesive (no residue)
  • Continuous Code for wrapping around pipes/wires/handles etc.
  • Includes Protective Tin Can
  • PERSONAL assistance. Questions, concerns, help setting up? Get immediate assistance from a human being, not a robot. We believe in the old way of treating customers. 

Fluorescent Yellow Tape (Free App)

Excluding Sales Tax