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Removing Headaches from Endless Paperwork

As with most use cases for BitRip, we rarely see them coming. We do a bunch of site visits and customer check-ins, and folks show us the inventive ways they use our SMART tape. One of the more fascinating use cases has nothing to do with materials, tools, equipment, or safety tagging. Instead, it's all about bringing paperwork to life. So, let's spell out this use case and the headache it solves.

Construction has a lot of paperwork. I mean a TON of paperwork. No matter how digital we all want to be, paper is always the way stuff gets recorded and tracked. It's easy, quick, and you can scribble on-the-fly instead being anchored to a keyboard. Trust me, in the world of construction, the John Hancock on a sliver of tree ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

But paperwork, as common as it is, doesn't paint the full picture. Here's a great example. One of our clients Nolan, who works for a General Contractor, has to oversee hundreds of extra work order requests during a project. These extra work authorizations represent extra time and money - and each one must be reconciled months down the road.

Imagine seeing 100s of these extra work orders, stacked on your desk, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost. Now imagine being in front of a room of subcontractors, trying to understand the context behind each one.

Apart from a title, some signatures and extra hours worked per tradesman, there isn't much that can gleaned from this piece of paper. Why was the work needed? How did it fit into the whole picture for each stage of the project? What concerns were there at the time? What people were made aware of the situation? How does this tie in with some of the other work requests? That's a lot of helpful backstory that just isn't there ...

Nothing in this world is simple, and everything in this world costs money. Details matter!

So, Nolan attaches these important details to his paperwork in a very novel way. He sticks a 10 cent BitRip sticker on the paperwork, scans it, and just talks. You heard that correctly ... he just talks into the sticker. That's some pretty nifty wizardry there.

In a 20 second audio clip providing context to the request, he saves 5 minutes of back-and-forth chat trying to piece together request. And when you have hundreds of these things, those minutes add up.

"What was this extra work request five months ago about? Let me scan and listen. Ah that makes sense - let's move on".

We built BitRip to tackle frontline tracking problems with materials, equipment, and people. We built a really cool GPS system that tracks location of all these things on a map via tape scans. But sometimes, all that's needed is a practical way to fill in the gaps with a little bit of old-fashioned talking. No complaints from Team BitRip!

We'd love to hear the interesting ways you're using BitRip! And we'll even throw in a free roll for some feedback. Feel free to reach out to

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