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BitRip Announces a Technology Partnership with Touchplan

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

BitRip holds a core hypothesis - the construction industry is saturated with software that helps with documentation, project management, time-tracking, 3D models etc. These types of software live and breath at the management level - but they have trouble reaching down to the frontlines; where the physical work gets done. This is especially the case with material and equipment management.

A truck drops off some critical material wherever they can find space, they look for the nearest hardhat, get it signed off on paper and leave. Material sits there unaccounted for - a major cause for project delay. Sound familiar?

BitRip fills this gap by being a rugged conduit. It brings those 1s and 0s down to the folks that need it. A tape that quickly scans to the right information at the right place ... a tape that automatically tracks location history with every scan.

Incremental 'time-waste' slows completion rates and kills revenue. BitRip is designed to attack this waste head on with straightforward tech.

BitRip is not alone in this endeavor. Over the past 6 months, our team has had fruitful discussions with Touchplan about the lack of service to the frontlines. Touchplan is a platform built for easy tracking and analysis of jobsite factors such as labor productivity, supply chain and materials, health and safety and quality. In other words, they are the 1s and 0s that connect with the frontlines ... where tangible output takes place.

The aligned interests between our two solutions became very apparent. With the high quality wiring that Touchplan offers, along with the digital-physical conduit that is BitRip Digital tape, a partnership became an obvious and exciting next step. So on October 26 the technology partnership was announced.

Click on this link to read more about this partnership.

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