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5 Ways to Use BitRip

BitRip Digital Tape can be used for multiple purposes. Anyone can use it! From students to construction workers, or veterinarians to a family moving to their new house, BitRip makes everyone’s lives easier. Of course, BitRip has been used for many construction projects, however, it can also be used for more everyday tasks. Here are 5 ways to use BitRip Digital Tape.

Phone is scanning bitrip digital tape and the information is being displayed onto the phone
BitRip Digital Tape Scan

1. Convention/Event

Imagine planning a large convention of over 100 attendees. It can be difficult to be able to talk to each organization, as the room can be too loud or crowded. Visitors can scan a station’s BitRip strip and gain access to all the information that would otherwise be presented to them, without having to speak to any volunteers. They can read information, swipe through photos, and even listen to a voice-over! This ensures all attendees can get the most out of the event, regardless of noise and crowds.

2. Moving

Moving is a daunting task that most people dread. The thought of packing and unpacking your entire life can almost make you shed a tear. However, imagine being able to know exactly which items are packed into a box, and even track where that box is. No need to go through boxes looking for an item or go into a panic over losing a box. With BitRip, moving will be made much easier and less stressful.

3. Medical Care

Keeping track of our medical history can be tricky sometimes. From insurance information to medications the list can grow too long. Instead of keeping a folder or a filing cabinet, with BitRip Digital Tape you can upload all of your medical history into one place with just a click of a button. No need to worry about finding medical documents at the last minute. You can find and update the information as you please.

4. Reminders

BitRip products can store tons of information, including your personal needs. Need to remind yourself to finish typing an important document? Use BitRip to not only write down the task, but also write detailed notes of the task at hand. You’ll never forget or feel lost with your personal tasks again.

5. Finances

Managing finances can be overwhelming and challenging. The abundance of paperwork and long documents can be difficult to manage. With BitRip, you upload and update financial information as you go. No need for a large filing cabinet, when all of your information is at your fingertips. If you have a financial advisor or accountant, they can also access and manage your documents through BitRip as well.

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