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How BitRip Tracks Asset Location 

BE Code Action I.png

Each BitRip (BR) code has a unique pattern that is digitally printed on it.

When you stick the code to an asset, it allows you to tie any specific information to that asset.


When the unique code is scanned by the BitRip app, the app takes a snapshot of the GPS location data from your smartphone and assigns it to the unique code.

Therefore, each code tracks & records GPS location ONLY WHEN SCANNED.

This is called passive location tracking. A scan must happen for the location to update.

IMPORTANT: BitRip codes DON'T actively track 24/7. This would require an active sensor built into the codes.


BitRip codes have NO built-in sensor to allow this type of active tracking.

We therefore DO NOT recommend BitRip as a tool for theft prevention.

Reach out to if you have any questions.

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