Below are the top questions we get from customers. Don't forget to visit our training videos page - a great way to see the tape in action and learn about everything it does.  
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Q. I've never heard of a $40 tape before. Why?
A. Two reasons.
  • First, we don't charge for software. You only pay for the physical tape. We don't believe in the subscription model - it makes you pay fees regardless of whether you use the product or not. We want to bring cost control back to the customer.
  • Second, this tape packs a powerful punch. 300 individual labels in a roll. 300 individual conversation threads stuck to 300 different places. Each holding unlimited content, each welcoming unlimited users to each conversation. Just a single roll provides a huge footprint, so you cut down on unnecessary travel, missing tools & equipment, language barriers, and pen and paper errors. 
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Q. Where can I buy this tape, apart from this website?
A. Amazon sells all our masking tapes. All products can also be ordered at Ram Tool. Please contact your local branch manager for more information.
Q. Where is the data on the tape stored? Is it Secure?
A. Yes. Your data is securely stored in the cloud via Google Firebase. 
Q. Can you use this without internet connectivity? What are the limitations?
A. You can use this product without internet connectivity if using it alone. However, if you want information to be shared with others, or you require GPS location for each ripped piece of tape, internet connectivity is required.
Q. Is there a minimum amount of tape required for each label?
A. Yes. On the tape, you can break out individual codes because of a slight separation in between. One complete code is required to scan and store information. Of note - the longer the tape, the more reliable the label - because longer tape provides more redundant pathways to your digital label. This is a core feature behind BitRip's ruggedness and reliabilty.
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Q. What happens if someone takes the tape down? Will I lose my data?
A. No. The data on the tape is securely stored in the cloud. If the physical tape goes missing, find the digital twin in your library and 'paste' it onto a brand new tape. Fixing the problem takes seconds. 
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Q. Is this available for iOS and Android? Tablet?
A. Yes. It's available for both, on smartphones and tablets. However, Android doesn't have the Projects or Label Search feature. These features are coming in Summer 2021. 
​Q. Can I scan BitRip tape using the regular iPhone or Android camera?
A. No. Only the BitRip app scanner can read the tape. But this app is completely free to download and use.
Q. Is there a desktop version?
A. No. However we do plan on building a desktop version by the end of 2021.
​Q. How many people can I invite onto my network of tape?
A. Unlimited. You can invite as many people as you want - but they must have accounts set up on the BitRip app.

Q. I’ve used QR labels in the past. How is this different?
A. It's similar but with some fundamental advantages that QR labels cannot replicate. 
  • BitRip tape can store hundreds of codes in a single 2-inch roll. 
  • BitRip tape can wrap around non-flat surfaces (pipes/wires).
  • BitRip code is significantly more resistant to damage than QR code.
  • A BitRip label is 100% fluid - meaning it can hold anything at any time (i.e., it's not fixed like a QR label).
  • BitRip is ready to go and requires no prior configuration.    
Q. How much training is required to use this product?
A. If you know how to text, you already know how to use 90% of the product. But to learn the rest, go to BitRip Training Videos page. This is 15 minutes total - and you are fully trained.
Q. Can I control who sees content on the tape?
A. Yes. You can store your labels under a private project, and customize which people belong to that project. Only those people will be able to scan and access the data on the tape. Everyone else will see a pop-up screen that says 'Label is Private'.
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Q. How strong is the adhesive? Will it leave residue if I take it down?
A. This has the same adhesive strength as masking tape. It has a very reliable adhesion, but can also be taken down easily without leaving any residue. This tape was manufactured by the true experts – Shurtape.
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Q. Can your tape be used outdoors?
A. Digital Sticky notes = no. The same adhesive strength as sticky notes. The Masking Tape - mostly yes. However, if you do use it outdoors, we highly recommend the wrap-around method. This means wrapping it around objects so that the adhesive side sticks to the other adhesive side (much like a luggage tag around a handle). 
Q. Do you have a more rugged tape than masking?
A. Not yet - but soon. We are working on Duct Tape as we speak.
​Q. I already have software and I love it. Can I integrate that software with your tape?
A. Yes. Any software can plug into our tape via a software developers kit (SDK). Please contact if you are interested in this type of integration.