BitRip Desktop Pro is for high volume, day-to-day users of GPS Tracking Stickers.  Built for project managers (or equivalent) who require real-time insight into the status of their physical assets out in the field. 


A BitRip GPS Tracking Sticker is Scanned quite similar to how a QR Code Sticker is scanned. This tracking sticker is wrapped around a pipe showing BitRip's versatility in tracking assets.


Desktop Pro seamlessly integrates with your army of Frontline Mobile App users. Monitor every scan, communicate through the tape, and supervise from your office


Every scan, every location, every action tracked on a live, interactive map ... your portal for instant communication across the physical domain.

This is a screenshot of Desktop Pro's library and map view. In this photo, you can see BitRip being used for Tool Tracking, Safety Tracking, Equipment Tracking, and finally Punch Lists. The Map on the right shows the last known GPS location of each of the selected GPS tracking stickers.
BitRip is an on-the-go barcode sticker or QR code sticker that can contain any type of digital attachments with added location tracking. In this example, a user leaves an audio message on a piece of equipment being actively tracked. The GPS Tracking sticker's location is seen on the map above.


Communicate through 3D space. Each lightweight piece of tape self tracks and becomes an instant messaging board for time-critical communication


Nothing gets done without people. Organize your network of tape, customize who gets to scan and see shared content over each digital label

This image shows BitRip being used as a Project Management Tool. Lightweight GPS Tracking Stickers can be grouped together inside projects where users can be invited to collaborate. This way, users can collaborate and understand the latest on tool tracking, equipment, material dropoffs, project completion rates, or any other type of tracking.
This is an example of BitRip Lightweight GPS Tracking Stickers being used for equipment tracking. A user is able to import hundreds of premade SMART labels that will be attached to fire extinguishers later on. This way a project manager can monitor the status of all safety and equipment tracking from one place.


Import data and create hundreds of pre-made labels with the click of a button. Push out to crews to make physical connections on site.