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Scan anything.

Know everything.

An All-in-One Tool for Tracking
Material Deliveries, Equipment Maintenance, and Safety Inspections
on the Jobsite.
With Rugged,
GPS-Enabled Barcode Stickers and a Free App, a simple
'Stick - Scan - ConnectTM'
ensures you Never pay the heavy price for
Delivery Disputes, Lost Paperwork, Missing Gear, and Stressful Delays.

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New Product of the Year

Asset Tracking

Safety Inspection Automation

Andres Construction track their assets with BitRip
Turner Construction track their assets with BitRip
Arch Key Solutions track their assets with BitRip
Rosendin Electric track their assets with BitRip
McKesson track their assets with BitRip
Alterman track their assets with BitRip
Comfort Systems USA track their assets with BitRip
Performance Contracting Group track their assets with BitRip
Ferguson track their assets with BitRip

Top 3 Applications

BitRip used for Material Tracking

Track Dropoffs


Never Lose Materials Again.

As materials get dropped off, a quick scan automatically records their location. So, you can track everything on a LIVE map

When units arrive, I stick and scan BR codes on the tape with the app ...

I have a timestamp and location for that unit, and I can upload a picture of the packing slip and a picture of the unit tag or the unit itself.

Each one takes only seconds to create”

                                                              J. Gromko, Comfort Systems USA

The label can provide access to any information we choose, like the purchase order, client name, client address, job location, pictures of the product prior to shipment, installation and operations manuals, maintenance logs, and schedule.

Really anything you want to capture can be loaded onto BitRip

A much better solution than just plain old barcode”

                                                              B. Payne, Trinova USA

BitRip is the Future of QR Code


BitRip Takes QR Code to the Next Level

BitRip® is the Companion App for
BR Code™ Scannable Labels by Duck Pro
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