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stick scan connect.png



SMART sticky note that

  • stores unlimited photos, pdf, audio, and more

  • can be seen or edited from anywhere

  • records & tracks every scanned location 

Built to track your everyday physical things 

Designed with mouthwatering simplicity 

Bolstered to withstand extreme environments

  • Free Mobile App

  • 30-Second Process

  • DIY tool Unlocking Instant Value

Make Scavenging for Paperwork 

a thing of the Past!

Watch the 75 Second Video Below

Digtal Labels

What are you interested in BitRip for?

"an absolute must for material dropoffs 

 - T. Ferguson, Project Manager, Alterman Electric

"genius of it is the simplicity 

  - J. Fornes, Safety Coordinator, Clancy and Theys Construction

"versatile ... a tool designed for tough places 


- J. Jacobs, MEP Specialist, Ram Tool 

See How BitRip Works..


Scan a unique BR Code™ Label Attached to an Asset

Material Logistics Button.png

"30 Second habit pattern saved us over $500k 

BitRip® is the Companion App for BR Code™ Scannable Solutions by Duck Pro®. Click Here to Navigate to BR Code
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