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A Barcode Scanner App for Managing Assets and Safety

in Rugged Environments

A Simple & Versatile Asset Management Software

BitRip Barcode Scanning App and Asset Management Software

You need a better way to track your assets. 

Spreadsheets and paperwork aren't cutting it.

Ideally you are looking for something simple and inexpensive. 


Something that takes minutes to learn.  

ONE platform to handle all aspects of asset management - equipment maintenance, safety inspections, material shipment tracking, and more.

This is BitRip. 

A Barcode Built for Rugged Environments

A Roll of Rugged BR Code Barcode Labels

We call our cutting-edge Barcode ... BR Code™

Rugged, Preprinted, Scannable Labels that can be Tagged to Any Equipment in the Field.

These Labels integrate with the Free BitRip Barcode Scanner App and store unlimited data.

Scan any unique label to automatically update asset location - or - upload photos, inspection forms, maintenance docs, voice notes, and more.

This information gets secured in the cloud and physically attached to the asset ... just a scan away.

BitRip being used to manage assets

Lightweight Asset Management Software

Cleveland Industrial Recyling uses BitRip to manage generator bushings in the field - uploading documentation to each asset while also keeping track of their location history on a map. 

What makes BitRip a unique for Cleveland Industrial is the ease of setup - no extra equipment, no printing barcodes, and it takes minutes to train! 

Read about this Asset Management Case Study

Scanning a Ladder.jpeg

Easy-to-do Field Inspections

Hensel Phelps attaches BR Codes to Ladders, Extinguishers, Fall Protection and anything else requiring routine inspections. 

For Hensel Phelps employees, the steps are simple. 


Scan the label, fill out the inspection form, tap on save.

Providing the field crew with a simple process means one very important thing ... safety gets done!


Watch a Video of the Barcode Scanning App at work 

Comfort Systems.jpeg

Material Shipments Tracked 

Comfort Systems USA needed a versatile system to not only track inventory in the warehouse, but also deliveries to job sites.

Losing track of materials was costly - both in delays and replacing lost prefab materials.

BitRip provides them this simple accountability.  A LIVE dashboard showing the status and location of all shipments in one place.

Read about this Shipment Tracking Case Study  

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An 'Always Free' Barcode Scanning App

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Our Rugged BR Code™ Scannable Labels by Duck Pro® 

Sample Pack available for just $12.50                             Roll of 100 Unique Asset Labels

Our Pro Level Asset Management Software

30 Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)


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A Roll of Rugged Barcode Labels
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