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New Product of the Year

Asset Tracking

Safety Inspection Automation

Scan Anything.

Know Everything.

Digitally Track Any Physical Asset
with a Free App and Unlimited Users

How BitRip works in just 5 Slides

This is a BIT.

It's a simple digital folder.

Create a BIT for each asset and upload any information to it - inspections, maintenance logs, manuals, photos, etc.

An asset tag which can contain anything such as maintenance logs, safety inspection results, photos, or voice notes

Start Building your BITs Now. It's FREE.

Track your assets for free right now with our free mobile app on the app store
Track your assets right now with our free 30 day trial of BitRip Desktop Pro
Track your assets for free right now with our free mobile app on the google play store
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Asset tracking in the field

Industry case study:
Tracking Pre-fab Material Shipments


Case Study.png

When units arrive, I stick and scan BR codes on the tape with the app ...

I have a timestamp and location for that unit, and I can upload a picture of the packing slip and a picture of the unit tag or the unit itself.

Each one takes only seconds to create

                                                              J. Gromko, Comfort Systems USA

The label can provide access to any information we choose, like the purchase order, client name, client address, job location, pictures of the product prior to shipment, installation and operations manuals, maintenance logs, and schedule.

Really anything you want to capture can be loaded onto BitRip

A much better solution than just plain old barcode

                                                              B. Payne, Trinova USA

BitRip® is the Companion App for
BR Code™ 
by Duck Pro®.
BitRip is a veteran owned business
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