Clayton Construction Company

Last spring, we at Clayton Construction Company had the privledge of working with the BitRip team in integrating their product into our construction sites. First and foremost, this product has changed everything for us! We used BitRip for the first time on a minor residential project, but since then, we have expanded it’s use throughout all scales of projects all over the south east. This tape has made our communication seamless between different guys working in different areas at different times. It has also cut our time of delivery and transportation of supplies in half without the delay of having to call and double check everyone constantly.

Lastly, beyond the use of the actual project, working with the BitRip team was so easy and enjoyable. These people are passionate about their work and really want to help this industry thrive through the product. We are so thankful for their quick and easy communication, quality of work, and cooperation with us as a business. We could not recommend BitRip more to anyone looking to better their project management and will be working with them again soon!

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