Meet Catherine Chapman

Catherine Chapman is a senior Psychology major with a Business minor at Clemson University and will be graduating in December 2020. Catherine has been a huge part of the BitRip family as she is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, and works continuously to research, improve, and champion BitRip. She began this venture with BitRip, along with her partner Nick Dimitruk, through a summer internship with Adavanced Function Fabrics of America (AFFOA). This company creates the technologies for people to capitalize on with their own business ventures. Catherine took this QR code-type technology and turned it into a tap to create this startup with Nick. Since then, Catherine has worked on BitRip while completing school and hopes to continue working for BitRip upon graduation.

Catherine loves Clemson football, her black lab Maisey, bike riding, and traveling, and so if you have any questions about BitRip or just want to talk about Dabo and the Tigers, feel free to shoot her an email anytime!